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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

SRS Wednesday Whip Tip #1: Lorie Ann Grover

Today I'm excited to welcome author and readergirlz diva, Lorie Ann Grover to give us our first WEDNESDAY WHIP TIP!

Lorie Ann not only keeps readergirlz running smoothly, but she makes gorgeous art, writes verse novels and board board books, and started readertotz with fellow author/illustrator Joan Holub. Her process is especially fascinating to me because it's almost the precise opposite of mine: Lorie Ann starts with the bones of a story and builds up the layers. Here's what Lorie Ann has to say about revision:

Revision can be done in chunks and pieces, but I find to really grasp how well my additions are working, I have to block an entire day to read the work beginning to end. I'll do this maybe three times for each full scale revision. If the whole reading doesn't work, then of course I'm back to working on the chunks and pieces again. Revision is work, work, work!

Don't miss this: Lorie Ann's striking and lyrical novel, HOLD ME TIGHT, is a readergirlz postergirlz pick for June. Check it out!

You can also check out Jolie's blog for a WEDNESDAY WHIP TIP from Bruce Coville to whip your manuscript into shape, and come back tomorrow for tips from Kirby Larson and my editor, Catherine Onder. Go, Smackdowners! (And just in case you were wondering, I got through those 60 pages yesterday - woohoo!)


  1. Thank you, dear Holly! Way to go on your revision!

  2. Great tip, Lorie Ann! That's interesting re: having to read the first draft in a concentrated form over an entire day. I realized, I do that too. I re-read the first 50 pages of a draft I'm working on for a couple hours, really reading it like it was a book and then going back to line edit. I posted more about my progress yesterday here: http://paulayoo.com/content/revision-smackdown-update-wed-6309
    Enjoying the Smackdown so far!
    Paula Yoo

  3. I'm definitely in chunks and pieces mode, but I'm tucking away the idea of dedicating a full working day to reading the full manuscript to see how the other work is actually working.

    Thanks for the tip, Lorie Ann!

  4. Thank you, Lorie Ann, for your insight! I am always learning from you. Always. In many, many ways, lol.