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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

SRS Smackown Spotlight #1: Realm Lovejoy

Today my Smackdown Spotlight, Realm Lovejoy, hails originally from the snowy mountains of Nagano, Japan, and now lives in Washington state, where she makes art for video games and has created a very cool graphic novel, CLAN (which you can find out more about at her website and her blog, or follow her on twitter).

Realm is cracking the licorice whip for Summer Revision Smackdown. Her goals? Nail down the CLAN revision and write 80 pages of a second graphic novel by the end of June. As a side benefit, she aims to do 12 illustrations - go, Realm!

Realm's best revision tip?

The key to accomplishing my writing goal is to get into the “just do it” mode.
It’s like surfing, which I just recently learned. To catch the best tide, you wake up early, and paddle out to the deeper area. When the big wave comes, you try to balance and stay on the board for as long as possible. The waves become smaller as the sun rises, so you make the best of the moment you have.

Every author has a certain time when he/she works best. For me, it’s first thing in the morning when my energy is fully charged and I’m crystal alert. Once I sit down and start revising, I try to stay seated and on track for as long as possible. Every time I take a break, the focus chips away, declining like how the tide does past noon. So take advantage of that peak wave! You’d be surprised how much you can get done in a few of your best hours. (No checking emails, tweets, or phone! WHIP!)

I hope my tip will help you on your road to revising this sunny June! Get your workflow on and surf it!

Thank you, Realm!

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  1. I love the surfing metaphor -- not that I surf but I imagine sometimes the wave takes you places you didn't intend, just like our revisions.

  2. "Take advantage of that peak wave!" Very true. Thanks!

  3. Great advice. And a reminder of how easily we can let ourselves get distracted during our best hours.

  4. Yes to no tweeting, emails (I have to shut off phone though!

    Riding the waves as they come. Paying attention to the swells that become the good waves, using the energy of the story to propel you forward.

    And yes to "going out deep"

    Thank you, Realm