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Thursday, June 11, 2009

SRS Lash Flash #2: Melissa Walker

Today I'm thrilled to welcome author, readergirlz diva, and I Heart Daily co-founder Melissa Walker to talk about revision. I just finished reading Melissa's latest, Lovestruck Summer, and even caught my husband reading it and laughing! It's witty and sweet, perfect for a lazy day of reading in the sun (with sunscreen and sweet tea, of course).

Melissa has a gift for clever, tight storylines that I just had to know her best revision tip!

My best tip is to not get caught up in too MUCH revision, especially while you're on the first pass of your story. I try to write 1000 words a day when I'm working on a book, and I only allow myself to review the previous day's 1000 words before I start on the new stuff. So I can't go back any further than what I wrote yesterday; that way, I don't get bogged down in "fixing" things and I can move forward with the story. (Which will get a more complete overhaul later, when it's FINISHED.)

Don't miss: the super-cool Lovestruck Summer trailer made by librarian Jennifer Rummel of YA Booknerd!

Thank you, Melissa! Smackdowners, don't forget to visit Jolie's blog for a Lash Flash with Joni Sensel.

Tomorrow: The Revision Report...and your chance to be a Whip of the Week!


  1. Great advice!

    Perfect for me right now!

    Thanks oodles!

  2. Super advice. I think it even works in the thick of revision! Or else we could all spend the entire smackdown tweaking one chapter...it's entirely possible if we don't let ourselves move forward.

    Thanks, Melissa! Looking forward to reading LOVESTRUCK SUMMER.

  3. This is great advice for the obsessive tweakers, with which I occasionally identify myself - although I usually hope that what I wrote the first time is lustrous and untouchable (yeah, right)!


  4. Hah, Melissa just spelled out my neurosis. GREAT advice to not revise beyond what I did yesterday while writing your/my story. I DO THIS ALL THE TIME. Then everything new seems so bad compared to my polished stuff and then I'm screwed up and lose my momentum. Then when I lose my momentum I go back and edit what's already good. GREAT Input, especially for me. Thank you.

  5. lustrous and untouchable...

    You're funny.

  6. Glad it's useful. I'm also glad I re-read my own advice today... I need to take some of it!