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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SRS Candy Buzz: Wonderful or Woeful?

We've reached the top of Week 2, Smackdowners!

Some of you got a head start with the whiplash - others were waylaid by end of school year activities, other deadlines, and a case of good old fashioned summer vacation. By now, you're cracking the whip!

How is it going for you? Wonderful or Woeful?

Don't forget to check out Jolie's blog for some great new stuff, including Whip-Snapper Ben Watson.


  1. Can it be both wonderful and woeful?

    I feel like I'm moving forward, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like it will be never ending. I have to keep reminding myself to keep taking a step forward and eventually I'll get there. For sure, I'm getting more doen than I would have with out the werplash of the good ol' licorice whip.

    Now, I'm feeling the creep of the last day of school coming up and I WILL have to figure out how to do this work with kids under foot.

  2. I started off Monday great. Revised 40 pages and felt so proud of myself. But life is getting back in the way with my daughter's graduation, soccer practice, etc:) etc:) etc:) Still, I am determined to continue with the revising.

  3. Woeful and Wonderful both are ok, definitely. I feel like I'm in the same spot - I made some significant progress last week, which slowed down this week because of an unexpected (and exciting!) trip to NYC...which has now been postponed to next week, but as a result we have a houseful of family who came to take care of You-Know-Who. At least I have babysitters and am getting some revision in!

    I'm still in the analyzing stage but am hugely encouraged that the revision list isn't insurmountable. I just reached a chapter that I know will have to be completely gutted, but there are salvageable bits here and there. Yay!

    Plus, on the first book, there is some really exciting stuff on the horizon! Talk about revision...my title has been revised a bazillion times, and now we've got one...! Hopefully I can announce it soon!

  4. Can't wait to hear the news, Holly!

    And, llt, I think that's what it's all about...DETERMINATION! Right? We're all going to have things that slow us down, but we've got to be determined to keep at it.

  5. I'm having a much better week. Getting those index cards up and seeing where the biggest gaps are.
    Slow and steady seems to be my way by necessity as well as temperament.
    Love having folks with whom to check in, though!
    Holly- I'm very eager to hear the title! And about the trip to NY.

  6. That's awesome Holly, look forward to hearing about it (the title and NY trip!). Jolie and Ilt I feel the same way. Except for the kids thing.

    Sheesh. First early in the week, felt like I turned a corner in my story with the wife's help. She took me out for a picnic and drilled me with questions about my story, characters. Then was my scribe as I mused aloud. We kicked butt and I came up with all kinds of ideas and better direction. But my in-laws are moving so Amy and Linus drove to help and I'm flying to meet them on Saturday... UGHHh. I stayed a couple days at home longer to work on my story and have been struggling.

    But, if I can shake this off and step back things are going pretty good overall. Mixed bag this week though. Thanks again for the place to be encouraged.