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Thursday, June 04, 2009

SRS Candy Buzz: Use It or Lose It

Smackdowners, I spend a few hours every Wednesday with my trusty critique group, the Diviners (pictured below).
I have been greedy with them lately, making them listen to chapter after chapter of my second novel draft. I'm sure they must be sick of it by now, and yet they continue to give me compelling and wise feedback. Yesterday I even hit the jackpot when there was only one other reader (the extraordinarily talented Molly Blaisdell), and I got to read TWO chapters. Score!

We're nearing the climactic sequence of events, when I'm quite sure one or more of them will want to kill me for turning the story on its head...but hopefully they won't because they're just dying to know what happens (wishful thinking?).
Are you in a critique group, or do you fly solo? How do you integrate your critique group's feedback into your WIP? What kind of feedback gets you on fire to revise?
(Photo: four of the Diviners tribe at the SCBWI WWA conference - confession: I stole this photo from Justina!)
Don't forget, Smackdowners, you can check in any time here, at Jolie's blog, or the Facebook event page if you need a licorice lash, encouragement, or a little revision gossip. Get cracking!


  1. Wow...weeky! I'm impressed. I, too, just met with my critique group (actually both of them) this week. I honestly don't know that I could do it without them. Again, they are another source of outside accountability. Knowing I'm meeting with them ever other week makes me want to produce something to share.

    What fires me up about crit group is having a night like I did last night. I've really been working on MAJOR changes and have added many new scenes. Hearing how much they liked what I've done is a rush. It makes me want to keep pushing forward, and it even makes it feel just a wee bit easier.

    Today I MUST finish the new chapter six. Work through seven and hopefully eight. AND work on an outline for chapter 7 of the WIP. Whew. Doable? I'm going to try.

    What's everyone else working on today?

  2. It's a great group - plus You-Know-Who gets a weekly playdate with her best friend!

    Whirplash, Jolie! How's it going so far? I just got home from a revision/first draft date with Sara Easterly, and we both cracked the whip - I got through 60 pages of manuscript notes, and she wrote 2 chapters. I have a little less than an hour left, and I hope to get through 20 or 30 more. It's going a little faster, now that I've gotten to the part in the first draft where I kind of hit my stride.

  3. It went pretty well until this afternoon. I changed location--the local icecreamery! Perfect for today...except a creepy guy was doing laps around the place and stopped at my table twice. It was very bizarre.

    So, I left there and headed for The Vault where I almost had a fainting episode. So now double bizarre! I'm still feeling a bit woozy. I need to stap out of it since I only have about a half an hour left.

  4. Here's my official progress. Thanks to all the smack-downers for the motivation.


    Jolie, just tell me or Jess who the creepy guy is. We'll handle it. Hope you're feeling better.

  5. That's something they don't tell you you'll need in the CWIM - author bodyguards! lol

  6. My crit group meets every other week, and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them!