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Thursday, June 11, 2009

SRS Candy Buzz: Sweet Sugar High

This isn't exactly revision news or discussion, but doesn't it want to make you crack the whip just in time for dessert?

Thanks to Martha Brockenbrough for the link!


  1. Oh sweet yuminess...and how adorbable. But I just have to say how badly it makes my desire to have someplace like Cupcake Royal in my parts--and yet each time I think that, I'm grateful there isn't because I'd have a cupcake every day. And, really, that's probably not an exaggeration.

    Hey, but that might be a new form of BIC--because a cupcake a day would probalby mean I could get mine out of the chair!

  2. I loved looking at the cakes, though I'm also wishing I could taste them--or at least one of them!

    It's so fun here, and the revision tips are fabulous.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!