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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

SRS Candy Buzz: Revision Procrastination

I just met with fellow Smackdowner Martha Brockenbrough, my favorite brilliant-funny author, for a morning of whipping our manuscripts into shape.

Not 10 pages into mine, I said, "Hey, we could be really bad and go to H&M instead of revising."

(Can you believe that??)

Martha said, "You are such a bad influence."

(And clearly a hypocrite, since here I'm trying to be a good influence!)

Talk about self-sabotage! And I swear, I'm not much of a shopper - it just somehow seemed preferable to revising this manuscript, which I supposedly love.

Fortunately, Martha saved me by offering an alternative: Get through 100 pages (she has a similar goal), and then we can go check out H&M. That inspired me through 30 more pages, and hopefully 30 more today before I have to go pick up You-Know-Who.

Smackdowners, what do you do to sabotage yourself, and how do you overcome it? Do tell!


  1. I CAN'T believe it! I'm shocked. I'm...uh...jealous? I probably would have caved. Way to go, Martha!

  2. I know! I'm so ashamed of myself, trying to rope Martha into my self-sabotage! Yeesh. That's why we need this licorice, sister. Otherwise I would be a useless lump of not-revising.

  3. I was SO TEMPTED. A little voice in my head was saying, Yeah! Let's shop! But I like earning my treats, so I have to get my actual work done first.

    I love that Holly is a bad, bad girl. I have such excellent friends.

  4. EVERYTHING. What doesn't tempt me to not write? Every scrap of Seahawk news. BLOGGING! Lots of fun to find out what the ENTIRE children's book field is up to at any given moment. The computer game Civilization. The Dog Whisperer. The Deadliest Warrior (Spike tv hypothetical historical warrior face-off, very important).

    Pathetic when like you said, since I supposedly love to write.

    Still slogging ahead though. Martha looks very familiar. Have I met you at some WehWah Skibwee conference? (WWASCBWI)

    Good luck everybody.

  5. I generally sabotage myself by having a Sudden Overwhelming Urge to do Previously Undesirable Chores. I call this the SOUPUC Syndrome.
    Here's what happens: I'm working on a difficult part in my draft, and I suddenly feel the need to clean toilets, organize my son's vast Lego collection, or pull every dandelion from the garden.

  6. I'm with Michèle - my house is never cleaner than when the writing is tough. And yet, i love to write, live to write. What gives?

    I'm not a shopper AT ALL, but i'd go to H&M with you Holly. Fair warning. (Also, SOUPUC sounds like a Vulcan religious tradition.)

  7. Yes! All the most unpleasant tasks seem to rise in appeal whenever I have to revise, lol. I love what Paula Yoo wrote over at Jolie's blog: she watches Food TV then tries her hand at duplicating the recipes. Now THAT's procrastinating in style.

    Today I was out of the office (getting fabulous feedback from the crit group on not one but TWO chapters! Jackpot!) and will be cracking the whip again tomorrow!