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Friday, June 19, 2009

SRS Candy Buzz: Retail Rewards

So Martha and I finally went on our Smackdown Shopping excursion:

It's good to crack the whip with friends!


  1. Super fun! What a cute pic!

    Congrats on your title, Holly. I love it!

  2. The one to photograph, though, was Lyra. She not only wore a red cape, she was highly entertaining and ended the day the proud owner of Hang-Up, the Elephant. Good times!


    You both look so relaxed and happy, like you had a whip of a good time (and deserved every bit of it)!


  4. Too much fun for the business of smack-downing. You should really be more serious like myself who is always on task, err, mostly, sorta...

    If you squint and look in Martha's eyes, you can actually see a supercomputer called SUPER-DUPER-EDITOR-WRITER 2000. And if you look close in Holly's eyes you can see the future, which in the case of her next book, "Tell Me a Secret," is a bunch of dollar signs and sticky-handed kids turning its gripping pages.

    Keep up the good work ladies and I hope you enjoyed your well-earned slacker fun.