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Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Revision Smackdown

Is your manuscript languishing in First Draft Limbo? Do you need a sweet whir-PLASH from Jolie and me?

Then stay tuned for...

All the deets are coming soon. Join us!


  1. OH, this is gonna be perfect for me! I hope to finish my first draft by June 10 or so...so it should be just in time for this!!

  2. I am so needing this for the dummy I'm working on. Will it work for dummies? I'm sure I can translate it so it will. Thanks Holly and Jolie! You two are so inspiring.

  3. if i had a ms finsihed i would soooo join!

  4. Yous guys! I love you. This is fantastic. And logos made of candy get me every time.