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Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Revision Smackdown: Get set...

Are you getting set for the Summer Revision Smackdown? Or have you already gone? If so, hats off to you! You might just be featured in the SMACKDOWN SPOTLIGHT!

For me, getting set means clearing some space - both literally and figuratively. For my whole life, I have found it difficult to concentrate on a project when my surroundings are a mess, or if I have other projects looming. I hate loose ends.
So for the next day or two, I will be clearing up those surroundings and tying up those ends - either that, or table them to a later date.
Ah. I feel better already. What about you? What do you need to do to get set?


  1. Me too, Holly--
    Goals: finish current novel and revise--the whole thing- outline companion novel. I have the whole month off, so I have NO excuses.
    Good luck everyone!
    shelley s.

  2. What do I need to get set?

    I need school to end!!!

    The last day of school is June 10. Therefore, the first day of revisions is June 11. That's all I'm waiting on! :)

  3. Totally felt ready-to-go yesterday after committing myself (yet felt total trepidation about living up to my goals). Wrote for one hour yesterday and am currently taking a break from my one hour today. It's not a lot, but it's all I have time for right now. Thanks for getting the fire started under my belly.

    Clearing space to me means making room for the story. I agree with you, Holly. My esoteric space has to be cleared of projects or mess. Yet, most of the clutter in my life takes place in my head. But, when I'm really focused, I find thinking about my story becomes infective...Time spent thinking about my story creates motivation and motivation creates bull horns and those bull horns start knocking everything down in order to clear space for the story which is allowed to surface.

    This thinking time is actually as important, if not more important, than the writing time itself. Like last night, I went to bed thinking about a certain character in my novel, how I want her to enter the next scene. Different scenarios drifted in and out, but the significant part is that there was room for those playful thoughts. I wasn't stressing about what was on the docket for the following day or the fact that I needed to pick up canola oil at the grocery store. The story took precedent over everything else (which is also sort of dangerous because it induces insomnia...I digress.) So I guess my space tends to clear when I take action and THINK about my story.

    Sorry about being so long-winded! Eek. It's in my genes.

    Ready to jump back in!

    Thanks for getting us thinking about space and story, Holly!


  4. What? You're giving me permission to pick up the mess before I begin? Ohhhh -- Yay! (rolling eyes, but really meaning it...)

    Hmmm.... revising outside in the sunshine, with mad decluttering breaks inside. I'm on it.

  5. i love a clean office - but have major deadline on June 8th! *sigh* maybe that week I can see my desk again

  6. Oh yeah. I have to clean, clean, clean, clean. My wife loves the side effect of my bearing down on a big project. lol

    And plus I also usually need coffee.

  7. Um, does anyone want to clean my office? :-)

  8. To get set, I must:
    - decide on a schedule (done!)
    - buy large quantities of diet coke, tea, and of course licorice (done! oh, but I have to re-stock the licorice already... oops)
    - put away all the distracting clutter in my work space (um...)
    - prep a couple blog entries ahead of time so I'm not tempted to blog instead of revise (done - seriously! I feel so organized)

    I think I'm ready. Woohoo! :)