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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I confess, I am a geek...

...because I attended the awesome Seattle IMAX sold-out premiere of this!

(...me and like five other women in a roomful of dudes.) And cheered when I saw this!

And people, it was good. Really good. What should have been done with the sad, missed opportunity that was Enterprise. (I have a couple of small quibbles [tribbles?], but I shall keep them to myself in the name of not spoiling it for anyone.)

So yes, I am a Star Trek geek. And B5, and Farscape, and BSG, and Firefly...I could go on. So here is one small spoiler: I have a lot of sci-fi references in my novel, and if you happen to be a sci-fi geek, too, you will find an abundance of Easter eggs. (Hint: Sisters... Secrets... Superhotscifiguy...)

Ok, I'm off to have some gagh now (uh, not really...I prefer Romulan Ale).


  1. Star Trek high-five! Sci-fi is hot!

  2. I think so! I wish I had the science background to write it - so I had to make do with a sci-fi boy love interest. ;)

  3. It was so so SO good!!! :)

  4. Is this where I confess we've now seen it twice? We knew we probably missed some stuff the first time and we liked it even better the 2nd. In my mg novel that is almost ready to sub, people were complaining about my Star Trek references being too old and dated so I finally took them out. Now I'm thinking a whole new generation of kids is going to become Trekkies. They must be creating a sequel, right? My favorite choice of actors is Karl Urban as Bones - what a good job!