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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cool Stuff

readergirlz is gearing up for the summer, including featured authors Sara Zarr and Coe Booth, who was just named a judge for the National Book Award for Young People!

Lorie Ann is in mourning for Adam. I'm just excited his "Ring of Fire" cover (the really cool arrangement by my friend Melissa Kaplan of Universal Hall Pass) is getting some recognition.

GuysLitWire is partnering with InsideOut Writers of LA for the GLW Book Fair for Boys, getting books into the hands of teen boys incarcerated in LA County. I sent one of my faves, Fat Kid Rules the World!

Nathan Bransford has a wonderful interview with the woman responsible for the YA genre, S.E. Hinton. (Fun tidbit: my agent, who was the legendary Marilyn Marlow's last assistant at Curtis Brown, still has S.E. Hinton's query letter.)

Tomorrow, Suzanne Young is interviewing me about conferences, agents, and selling books, over at her blog!

Novel Update: things are moving along! We're talking about things like cover design, flap copy, titles, blurbs...it's really fun to be part of the process.

The second novel is waiting patiently for some attention and revision before sending it to Awesome Agent, and Jolie over at CuppaJolie is attempting to licorice-rope me into some kind of public display of revision insanity! (To which...I will probably succumb.)


  1. SO much happening. Looking forward to your interview with Suzanne tomorrow. :)

    Public display of revision insanity!?! I like it. Sounds like trouble...good trouble. And, I think you've already succumbed. Tuesday...time to smackdown!

  2. Lorie Ann don't mourn too long for Adam. I think not winning is a better deal for him, honestly. He'll do the Idol tour and then be free to do exactly what he wants! Wee!!!