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Monday, May 04, 2009

Beth Kephart's Undercover Contest

Beth Kephart, whose book Undercover was a Postergirlz Suggested Read in March, is having a contest!

From now until May 10th, you can leave a comment at her blog with a link to a poem you've posted at your blog. Beth will be "assembling fragments of those poems for a future post, and I'll be asking a special person to choose a favorite."

Read about the contest here!

Check out Little Willow's review of Undercover here and her interview with Beth here.

Thanks to Little Willow for the link!

1 comment:

  1. Holly,

    We were out all day yesterday (collecting my son from college) and so I feel pretty lousy that I didn't get to thank you at once for this.

    So now I will thank you twice.

    Thank you (and thank you)


    Hoping all is well in the land of completed edits.