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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The long awaited...How to Hook a Hottie, Part 3!

After landing the most Awesome Agent Ever, I've been blogging about not just landing an agent, but landing the agent of your dreams at the last SCBWI WWA meeting. (Oh, about the outfit - no pics, sorry!) Here's Part 3, Finding the Right Hottie for You:

As you start to research the Hottie Agents out there, begin thinking about what kind of person you'd like to work with, a.k.a. your Hottie Checklist.

The #1 thing on your list is legitimacy (agent makes sales, doesn't charge a reading fee, member of the Association of Author's Representatives, good standing in Preditors & Editors, etc.) Other things you might consider: agenting style, personality fit, location, number of clients. Because, as you probably already know, signing with an agent means becoming part of a harem (and hopefully a blow-your-Jedi-boots-off one):

Most especially, you want to share a vision for your book, whatever that may be.

How do you find a Hottie? Here are a few places where the Hotties hang out:

I met Awesome Agent at the SCBWI midwinter NYC conference's Writer's Intensive event a couple of years ago. He had me at "wow" and has been wowing me ever since. Meeting agents in person allows you to get a sense of their style and interaction. After all, you hope to create a business relationship for the life of your career. And you want to have mutual wow-age.

A couple of tips on queries

  • Pay Very Close Attention to submission guidelines. Every agent has their own, and the only way you can bypass this is by personal invitation.
  • Keep in mind the time to query: avoid major conferences and holiday seasons.

Hottie Strikeout
It's bound to happen. First, try not to take it personally - it just isn't the right fit (yet). Next, query someone else. Last time I checked, Agent Query had over 200 agents representing kidlit.

Another response that might feel like rejection is, “I would love you, if you got a makeover.” Basically, the agent wants a revision before they will sign with you. You really have to weigh this one, because there are no promises. Will their suggestions make a stronger manuscript? Do you want to work with them enough to make the changes? Will you be happy with the changes, even if they ultimately pass?

And remember...one person's Dog is another person's Dreamboat. I'm thinking of one friend in particular. I was rejected by her agent, and she was rejected by mine - just not the right fit. So keep trying!

What do you do when the Hottie wants YOU?
First, you say this: "Can I call you back when I'm not jumping on the couch?"

Then, you refer to your Hottie Checklist. Ask to interview the agent. Research them. Ask friends. Go with your gut. And remember, you don't have to sign with anyone who you think will be the wrong fit (it does happen, even after all that research).

In the end, you and your agent will be a turbo, bookselling, Hottie Duo. So tell me how your hottie search goes!


  1. Thanks holly! I assume girl agents are divas! :)

  2. All agents are Hotties! Lol. I am no respector of gender here. ;)

  3. It's the "go with your gut" part that I have problems with...what if my gut's wrong??