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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Books, Music, and People: an awesome combo

Ok, I told you there were more events...but I haven't forgotten about Hottie Part 3 (What? You think I'm procrastinating? Nah. It's coming tomorrow, I promise).

But really, this makes it all worth waiting for: getting to see Kevin Emerson (author of the Oliver Nocturne series and musician extraordinaire) and Andrea Wittgens (yes, that Andrea, the one who donated music to the readergirlz Operation TBD trailer) perform LIVE as Central Services: Board of Education (├╝ber-cool indie kids' band), connection courtesy of another excellent Seattle young adult author, Liz Gallagher.

(Got that?)

It was very cool to get to meet Andrea and thank her in person for generously letting readergirlz use her song. Here I am with Andrea and Liz:

We snapped a video of Central Services performing a little bit of their ode to the Number 8:

We bought the album, and You-Know-Who wanted to listen to "The Lonely Tomato" ALL afternoon. But can you blame her? I've been singing about tomatoes in my apple pie, strawberry shortcake, tomato lemonade, guacamole pizza...hey, that actually does sound pretty good. Enjoy!


  1. Love this album. Gonna have to mention it in Mom & Pop Culture at some point!

  2. That is such a gorgeous picture of y'all.
    And I really want her album! I love the snippets I've heard from it.

  3. Sounds like an awesome day! (Can't get the music to load at this computer, but I'll try again when I get home!)

  4. Martha, that would be AWESOME! :)

    And, yay. Holly, I was so glad you could come out and get The Lonely Tomato stuck in your head. Wait 'til you move on to Tin Foil Robot. Seriously. It has the sweetest story in it.