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Monday, March 23, 2009

TBD Contest: Week 2

It's the second week of five weeks of contests over at the readergirlz blog!

Here's the deal: each week from now until Support Teen Literature Day on April 16th, we'll be awarding *a package of books* to one winner. To enter, you just comment on the readergirlz blog posts (comments on older posts count - a point for each comment!) and get an extra ten points for taking up the week's challenge. Get ten more any time by becoming one of our blog followers!

Report your post in the comments with the URL (and get eleven points!). We'll keep track of the comments and urls and award the winners each week. Books! Prizes! And you'll be supporting teen lit and hospitalized teens across the country.

This week's challenge:

Post the press release on your blog (here it is on the rgz blog!). Spread the word about Operation TBD!


  1. how is the contest going? Ive got one week left - thank goodness. now I knwo how an agent feels with email queries.

  2. Great! Lots of new people, lots of comments. It hasn't been too difficult to tally, but then I think our contest isn't as complex. Good luck with yours! What an awesome prize!