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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shoes - and How to Hook a Hottie

First things first. Regarding the mall: veni, vidi, vici. And I came home with an outfit to wear to my April SCBWI WWA presentation. Best part: the shoes.

Being slightly shopping-phobic, this is a big accomplishment. Anyone have a necklace to go with those?

So now I have to sit down and work out my presentation, How to Hook A Hottie: Landing the Agent of Your Dreams for the April 8th meeting. (Huge thanks to Tina Ferraro for graciously giving me permission to steal her YA novel's terrific title!)

I've got some ideas and lots of info, but I would love to know from Washington folks and anyone who is in the agent-seeking process: what about finding an agent is puzzling to you? What secrets are you hoping I will spill? I'm going for high entertainment as well as usability.

Hint: there will be visual aids. Hot ones.


  1. okk love the shoes hopefully it will be warm. green is really in! u r so hip. thx for kind thoughts :)

  2. Ah, friend. You and I really share a fondess for clothes and shoes that Jolly Rancher Apple green. Love 'em. Now I want to go shopping for an outfit for your presentation, too. :)

  3. Three things:
    1)We might have a pendant that would go with those shoes.
    2) Your wardrobe is too fabu-tastic for me to believe for a second that you are shoppaphobic.
    3) Although I am not yet seeking an agent, what I would like to know is WHEN? Why do some people look for agents before their book is done? WHEN is the right time?

  4. Necklace: I hung out with Jackie Parker of Interactive Reader today, who took me to the bead store and we MADE one. It's awesome. I'll post it for the next crafty Friday!

    Annie, what a great question - thanks! I hadn't even thought of that. Section title: Are you ready to hook a hottie? ;)

  5. You made a necklace to go with your fab shoes? I mean — no one will be able to think when you walk into the room. They'll only be able to look.

    I'm so happy for your THE END. What a moment. They don't happen all that often. Congratulations.

  6. I did the same thing when i had a fabulous skirt and NOTHING to wear with it. My friend Heidi of Dolphin Design also makes jewellery she tags "like candy you can wear" using glass beads that look like Jolly Rancher candies. So fun to wear. We went to Fusion Beads in Fremont and picked out something perfect. (I am a shopping detester, too.)

    Can't wait to see your outfit!

    AND hear your talk. ;-)