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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Revision is my middle name. My only name. My...ack! Do I even have a name?

So as I mentioned last week, revisions for Brimstone Soup/A Light That Never Goes Out/To Be Determined are underway.

To not freak myself out too much, I divided it up into Phases:

Phase I: Small changes, start to finish (editor cuts, etc.)
Phase II: Attack medium changes I was too chicken to tackle in Phase I
Phase III: Read through every single sentence and cut out unnecessary, wordy boring stuff in preparation for...
Phase IV: All the scary, hairy, overarching humongous stuff.

Maybe I'm being a little melodramatic.

For Phase IV, I am taking a page from Darcy Pattison's book, Novel Metamorphosis, in which she describes the Shrunken Manuscript technique. So I have 25-ish pages of teeny tiny novel words, a set of highlighters, and the wonder twin powers between me and my especially wonder-full editor.

So I am melodramatic and lucky. And getting back to work now!

Comic by Natalie Dee.


  1. Everyone I know is in the revision trenches!!! Good luck!!!!!!!

  2. Here's a tip I heard Laurie Halse Anderson share last night: read your manuscript into your computer and listen to your words! I've always read aloud but never done the listening thing.

    Seems to work okay for Laurie. ;-)

  3. I cut about four pages from a novel today (all by increments of single words). I started to doubt everything. Then I went back to the beginning and read from page one. Sometimes we are the only ones who can restore our faith in us.

  4. I'm getting encouragement here from the best of the best! I feel hugged, tipped, and nudged. Thank you!