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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love me!

My best friend since 10th grade's aunt always says this, which I think is hilarious and cheeky and a little bit outrageous (who shouts, "I love me?"). But today...


Here's why:

I finished the first draft of CREED! Yippee!

I feel like I could swallow the whole world right now and feel every bright and glorious thing in my veins.

Still, there will be the next draft, because now I have to lop off at least 10k words and fix what needs fixing. But my first step will be...

...cleaning the house. Tomorrow.

Right now, I'm going to toast those magic words: THE END.


  1. I know someone who would love to be an early reader, who loves to help at slash and burn!
    (Insert devilish smile here.)

  2. Thank you! still grinning. That would be super, Annie, when it's actually readaable!

  3. OH! Congratulations, Holly!!!!!!! That is so so super exciting!!

  4. go buy your self a drink and celebrate :) you deserve it

  5. Full-hearted congraulations on your word-count accomplishment!

    I know you have many things going on, but i hope you get to take a breath and enjoy it.