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Friday, March 13, 2009

DIY Friday: Lampwork Beads

Besides being an excellent venue for procrastination, Facebook is a wonder for finding long-lost friends.

It turns out one such friend, Lara, lives just an hour or so away and has the most fascinating talent for making glass Lampwork Beads. You can see her Etsy shop here.

Seattle is a city of glass. You can hardly go into a building or museum without spotting the work of Dale Chihuly or the many local artists inspired by him. There's the Museum of Glass, the Seattle Glassblowing Studio, Seattle Art Glass, and so many more. Blown glass beads, to me, are like wearing a piece of that tradition.

Lara directed me to a YouTube video (in German, for the Deutsch-inclined), that shows the fascinating process of creating one bead:

Does this have anything to do with writing? Perhaps. I have a character forming who I think would be just the right person to pursue a passion for glass. My hope is to visit Lara at her studio and maybe even learn how to do it myself!


  1. AWWW, thanks for the write up Holly. Could not agree more that Seattle is a great glass city.

    Lara Lutrick

  2. chihuly was here in atlanta at the Botanical gardens - beautiful