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Friday, March 27, 2009

DIY Friday: Cupcake Props

Husband is doing lights for our church's production of The Emperor's New Clothes:

...and somehow volunteered me to make two dozen cupcakes for the props department! Uh, thanks honey (but really, it was fun).

After some brainstorming (foam? plaster? actual cupcakes?), I decided to try my hand at paper maché. Boy, is that stuff messy.

First, I cut 1" strips of newspaper and shaped the bottom of the cupcakes on the underside of an actual cupcake pan:

Then I balled up newspaper and pasted strips over the top:

Finally, we painted and decorated! I take this part very seriously.

I wanted to make them cute enough to either a) auction for the kids' fundraiser, or b) give to the cast members. Of course, I'll be keeping a full set of six for us. :)

Tonight, we go to the play!


  1. Break a leg, cast and crew!

    Kudos to you-dos for the cupcakes. :)

  2. Oh, how fun! And lovely cupcakes. :)

  3. you and your cupcakes ;) though these are less fattening than those other ones you had. :)

  4. and gluten-free too! (oh, wait, the paste is probably wheat flour isn't it?) scratch that.

    did you-know-who enjoy the play?

  5. So fun! You-know-who was TRANSFIXED. She didn't say a word through the entire production - actually, she had been to a couple of the rehearsals with Daddy and is quite taken with the Emperor. ;)

  6. Wonderful, darling, but tell me this:

    You had time for this...when?


  7. Yes, yes...but there has to be down time, time with family, and crafty time with you-know-who...and just plain do something other than writing time! Rare, I know, ha ha. :)