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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Kids (Heart) Books - Seattle Style

Sweeping across the nation from its inception in Boston (waving to co-creator Mitali Perkins!), here is Kids (Heart) Books, Seattle Style!

WHEN: February 14th
WHERE: Bookstores all over Puget Sound
WHO: Awesome authors and illustrators!


Edmonds Book Shop
11am: Deb Lund

Fremont Place Books
1pm: Amber Kizer

Mockingbird Books
10am: Kirby Larson
1pm: Dia Calhoun

Parkplace Books
10am: Suzanne Williams
1pm: Craig Orback and Kevan Attebery

Santoro's Books
11am: Karen Cushman

Secret Garden Books
3pm: Joni Sensel

Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park)
10am: Bonny Becker, Kathleen Kemly, Rae McDonald

University Book Store (Bellevue)
10am: Kevan Attebery
1pm: Suzanne Williams

University Book Store (Mill Creek)
11am: Lois Harris
1pm: Susan Marlow
2pm: Liz Gallagher

University Book Store (U District)
10am: Katherine Kirkpatrick
1pm: Deborah Reber

I'll be out with my little book-reader. Hope to see you!

1 comment:

  1. And soon you'll be joining us -- can't wait! We Heart Holly... Deb