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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Back to work I am, with a lash from my favorite Route 29 pastel licorice:

The countdown has begun. Any day now, I may need to drop everything (i.e. first draft of CREED) to work on the revision of A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT. But wait! No! I must finish this draft, or else I can only imagine what kind of confused mayhem will take over my brain whilst (thanks, Jackie!) working on two books at once.

See, this is my first time, and you can ask Lorie Ann Grover, project manager extraordinaire of readergirlz: I get a little freaked out when I have to learn something new. But she puts up with me, anyways (thanks, LA! xo). But then, writing is sort of like that - not to mention life: always learning something new. And I usually end up loving it.

New Year's Goals coming soon...though I'm having trouble distinguishing resolutions and absolutely-have-to's (such as finishing the aforementioned novels). Well, anyways, one resolution is to cut out all the holiday sweets so that I can squeeze into all the cute clothes my sweetheart got me for Christmas...!


  1. funny you put that last bit on there, because i was going to say "dude, you eat a lot of candy." at least on this blog!

  2. I know! If this blog had a subplot, it would be candy. Fortunately, most of it's virtual, and what wasn't, we gave as gifts. Still, there's the candy sweet tooth.

  3. That licorice looks lovely. I followed the link, and I realize I want/need the barnyard licorice, too.