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Monday, January 26, 2009

Six Happy Things

I wish I was one of those crazy, prolific writers like my friend, Suzanne Young, author of the forthcoming SMITTEN KITTENS (who just sold TWO MORE BOOKS! Woohoo, Suzanne!!!). She writes like a book a month. Wow. Plus she's got a killer smile.

So while I'm writing away (kiss scene? no kiss scene? wax philosophical instead??) on Book #2, I offer taggage, courtesy of the lovely Shelli at Market My Words: Six Things That Make Me Happy. Like...

1. My family. They're the best.
2. My friends having good news! Or almost good news! Or very soon good news!
3. Spending time with friends.
4. Making art. I don't do enough of it. Crafty things for You-Know-Who hit the spot:
(Yes! I made that!)
5. Reading a scene that I thought was totally horrible and coming to the conclusion that it might actually be pretty good.
6. Getting to find out ALA news! Today! Right now! Holy Cow!

Lorie Ann Grover
Justina Chen Headley
Jolie Stekly
Kirby Larson
Melissa Walker
Suzanne Young


  1. You made that? That's awesome! I wish I was crafty.

  2. that is awesome, holly. :)

  3. Is that Angelina Ballerina? Her sweater is so pretty!

    Your happy list is great! And I bet your writing is going better than you think it is!

  4. Yes! Ha ha, that's Angelina Ballerina. I even made up the pattern. Watch out, knitting bloggers! Left-handed backward knitting grrl is out to make a name for herself. :)