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Thursday, January 08, 2009

30 Day Challenge-O-Meter

Ooh, nifty, I found a word counter (you can get your own here):

I'm guessing 85K is about where I will hit those magic words, "THE END." (Then, of course, I'll have to cut 10 or 15K right off the top, but who's counting?)

I love gadgety things, don't you?


  1. oooh 85k sounds like a lot. i heard YA's are shorter, have i been cruelly mislead? If you don't mind me asking how long did your first novel end up being?

    I do love a post-it!

  2. Fear not, Ms. Crunch! Like I said, I'll be cutting 10 or 15K right off the top, and obviously the first draft is by no means the final - I tend to overwrite or write notes on the chapters or whatever, but the goal right now is just to move forward, and word counts motivate me. The first draft of the first book was over 100K, but then I cut 20K immediately and eventually worked it down to around 70k with revisions. It will probably be shorter before the final revision.

    Amazon used to have this great book stats tool, but it seems to be gone now. The Truth About Forever was around 75K, Speak around 63K, if I remember correctly. I'm sorry it's gone.

  3. Oh wait, it's just moved: scroll down to Inside This Book, and click on text stats. They don't have every book, but enough to get a good sampling.