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Monday, December 15, 2008

What we're reading while we stay home sick

You-Know-Who is still down with the flu, so we're reading books - lots and lots of Christmas books while the snow melts into ice outside. Our faves:

Shall I Knit You A Hat?: A Christmas Yarn
This is such a sweet story, about a mother rabbit who knits a hat for her little rabbit, who then wants to make hats for all of his friends (horse, cat, deer, dog, and squirrel) before the blizzard hits. It makes us want to bake carrot cake and then curl up to knit some hats.

Mortimer's Christmas Manger
A mouse without a house says "There's no room for you here" to the baby Jesus, then finds a house of his own. By the author-illustrator team who created Bear Snores On, one of our bedtime faves.

Frosty the Snowman
This one is particularly special to my family, because author Jack Rollins was one of our relatives (he also wrote Here Comes Peter Cottontail). See Darcy Pattison's Frosty the Snowman's Top 6 Writing Tips here!

Eric Carle's Dream Snow
When I bought the book years ago, I never imagined I would one day have a You-Know-Who that would be so delighted at the turning of a page or the pushing of a sparkly button.

Classic Books from the Family Vault, like The Night Before Christmas, The Nutcracker, Away in a Manger, The Little Christmas Tree, and The Christmas Story.

And while You-Know-Who closes her eyes or blows her nose, I sneak in a page or two of my Christmas read...Audrey, Wait!...and dream about making the cool felt garland Laini Taylor found.

"Let's make carrot cake now," says You-Know-Who. Hmmm. Maybe she's not so sick after all...?


  1. Audrey, Wait! is a good read. What a voice!

    The cold bug is camping out at our house, too. Ugh.
    Hope she feels better soon!

  2. I think wanting to make carrot cake is, indeed, an indicator that she is still sick. Carrots are healthy. If she wanted to make snickerdoodle pancakes or chocolate waffles then I'd wonder...

  3. Sending your household even more healthy vibes!

    Enjoy Audrey, Wait!

  4. Maybe you can trick her into going to bed early so that you can read more of Audrey, Wait!

    It's totally worth the injustice...


  5. Is just YKW sick or are both of you?

    Feel better! Although lots of book time is always nice.

  6. Jack Rollins is your relative? How cool! (Ha! Frosty cool!)

    What else did he write?