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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

readergirlz: Meg Cabot, Hug Hug, Little Willow, and more

A quick readergirlz update, since I seem to have caught something ugly. Very ugly. I will spare you the details and say only that I'm very glad to be alone and moaning in bed when this uploads. Ugh.

Anyways, tomorrow night (Thursday, 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern) we have Meg Cabot - MEG CABOT!!!! - live at the readergirlz forum. Find all the info at the readergirlz blog.

Here's the MySpace background I designed for this month's featured book, How To Be Popular, only we streamlined to the new, Facebooky-looking MySpace design - 'cause all the cool girls are doing it (check it out and let us know what you think). It's based on an actual 1950's mag design, and the blurbs are from the cover of Meg's novel - esp the ones I thought were pretty good advice!

Diva Lorie Ann has released her adorable board book, Hug Hug - see the press release at her blog or on readertotz, the new baby sister blog to readergirlz celebrating "quality infant-toddler books for the youngest readers." I have a tot myself. Brilliant.

Little Willow's Book Bag is out, plus a discussion of the creepy but alluring Twilight dolls. And Meg Cabot will at the forums all month, chatting about 70's music, embarrassing moments in white skirts, parties, and what it really means to be popular.


  1. Great info. Get well soon, Holly Dear! ((((hugs))))

  2. More and more healthy vibes for Holly and family! Sending you virtual orange juice and soup -

    Thanks for linking to the book bag. :)

  3. Hope you feel better, Holly!

    Thanks for the shout out for Hug Hug! xox