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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Last Chance for 2008 Resolutions

Ok, ok, now that I've gotten winter cleaning and toffee out of my system, it's time to roll up my sleeves and get back to work - because this is it, folks! Last chance to complete my 2008 resolutions.

Let's see, I've got them somewhere...

Aha. Here are my lofty writing goals for 2008, complete with inspirational quotes:

As we envision, so we are able to live.
- Janet Lee Carey

Somewhere between reality and vision, we must walk.
- Peggy King Anderson

* Finish and clean up draft of novel #1 before February (check)
* Make a splash at the New York Conference (check)
* Use writing time for writing only (er, checkish)
* Research and query 10 more agents (turned out to be moot)
* Get agent (check!)
* Finish first draft of novel #2 by end of year (still have 27 days, right?)
* Sell my book(s) (check!)

So this is my last chance to make good on the old New Year's Resolutions before having to turn around and make new ones. (Hear that, self? Time to finish Creed already.) No more messing around - time to crack that licorice whip!


  1. Oh no! It's the cowgirl cake with the noose again!!!!

  2. The characters in the book I'm currently reading are licorice fans. :)

    Rock those resolutions!

  3. Congrats! And thanks for the toffee recipe below. I think I gained about ten pounds just dreaming about making the sumptuous sweets.