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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Clearing your space and doing some good

Inspired by Justina Chen Headley, the master of space-clearing, I decided to do a little of my own.

Living in a house is nice, but it lets you accumulate stuff at an astonishing rate. We have never-used crystal from our wedding nine years ago. Suits I haven't worn for a decade. Toys, jackets, lamps someone passed on...we are buried in stuff!

If you are, too, think about going through yours for some winter cleaning - now is a great time, because chances are you have things someone out in the cold right now could really use, like:

Mittens, scarves, hats
Socks - even used, these are a gift to homeless people
Tiny toiletries that you collect at hotels but never use
Jeans, pants, sweaters
linens, towels (esp good for shelters)
backpacks, bags
books (if you can bear to give them up)

I'm taking the above items to New Horizons, a teen homeless shelter in downtown Seattle, and the rest to my church's holiday bazaar and rummage sale, Dec 6th, which will benefit New Horizons with the sales.

There are places to donate all over - you'll feel better having less stuff, and you'll help someone who really needs it.


  1. we do this with kids toys every year. My 5 year old goes thorugh her stuff and picks things out to give away.

  2. We do Toys for Tots every year. Even when my dad got laid off and we were living on his military retirement checks.
    We also donate to the ARC, which is a local homeless charity.

  3. Hurrah for the good causes + the winter cleaning!

    There's a program called New Horizons in the book I'm currently reading. Coincidences abound.