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Friday, November 14, 2008

Notes from the Underground

Kjersten Anna Hayes of Collage Clippings has a really cool shop on Etsy.

Oooh, ooh, I just checked, and Jaime Temairik's CocoaStomp Shop is now open!

At Seize the Day, Golden Coffee Cuppers are Boldly Going where no one has gone before and getting some holy snappin' high fives in the process.

Over at Book Dads, they're giving away a beautiful copy of The Magician's Book: A Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia, by Laura Miller.

MotherReader has compiled a list of people participating in the Comment Challenge. Check it out to discover a goldmine of interesting kidlit folks and beyond.

Here at Brimstone Soup, we're celebrating Molly Blaisdell's and Swati Avashti's Letters of Merit for the SCBWI Work-In-Progress Grants. Huzzah!!!


  1. Ooh, I want to win the Magician's Book.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I left you a comment over there, too.

    Off to check out the rest of your bloginess...

  2. Thanks for checking out my etsy shop, Holly and putting a post here! I love your felt pasta, by the way. I made foam bow-tie noodles for my son, Oscar, a few weeks ago.