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Friday, November 07, 2008

No, No, No!

Molly is so naughty. She invited me to Thanksgiving. NO!

Ok, maybe.


  1. well bully for you! LOL!!
    I'm going to sounds like a total putz, and I know you have soooo much to do and work on, but I'd give anything to have friends who loved me and wanted me with them on that day. well, any day, really. You're lucky to have so many wonderful friends. You'll figure a way to get thru it. At least you're not doing Nano and are already 10k behind.

  2. Ha! It's a public/private joke now - she asked me at writing group, knowing that I said, "Don't ask me, I'll say NO."

    I do feel loved! ;)

    And yes, I am already 10K behind, too! Let's catch up!

  3. Well My Lovey Dovey, guess we'd better get crackin', huh! Because I'm sure we won't be writing on Turkey Day - oh who am i kidding, I probably will, LOL!