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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jolie is Better than Bum Glue

Ok, so there's this phenomenon, something like mental adaptation, and I'm sure some of you psychology people know the official term, but it's something like:

Oh, yeah, I've done this before, and seriously, I know nothing bad is going to happen to me if I don't write 5,000 words, and I'm going to eat that stinkin' cherry caramel anyways, and there's not a darned thing you can do to stop me.

So when Jolie announced her 5K intentions yesterday, the challenge was on. I could not let myself slide.

I would let Jolie crack the whip. Wherplash.

And I promise, Jolie is even better than bum glue. I couldn't let her down. I couldn't let myself down. I couldn't stop for too many rewards, because she was going to kick my glue-free bum!

And she did. Final word count: 5208. Whew. At this pace, I might even have a readable draft by then end of the year, and that would be a miracle.

So folks, if you're looking for someone to crack the whip with you, try a bloggy friend. A facebook friend will do. In fact, I'd love to engage in mutual crackage here tomorrow - leave a comment if you want to join in for a whipping.

As if that's not enough, Jackie Parker of Interactive Reader brought this nefarious thing to my attention. Write or die, people. Write or die.


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  2. Over at Romance Divas we have chat challenges where someone cracks the whip in chat for 20 min, then we get to really chat for 5, then the whip cracks again. We post our word counts and some people will post their fav sentences or lines. Very fun. I've done word wars with other folks too. Whatever gets you thru!

  3. Tee-hee-hee! Yesterday was fun. And yesterday I thought you were a bit nutty to suggest a second round. Today I'm considering it. Thinking it may be a good idea. Think we'll get any other takers?

    But I must say that I'm impressed that you think you may have a readable draft by the end of the year, because what I'm working on is nowhere near readable.

  4. Holly! Go, go, go! You are doing fabulously! Woohoo for your November writing!

  5. You two are soooo funny!! I had to flip from blog to blog to see what was going on with the whip cracking, coffee and chocolate and you both did it!
    Is round 2 still on for today?
    Craaackkk!!! :)