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Monday, November 10, 2008

Hoping your light will shine

Molly wrote about me today for Day 10 of the Golden Coffee Cup. I am speechless and encouraged by her words. Just a few moments ago, I was praying for just such a word to help me take the first step. Molly, you help me to be brave, too.


  1. Oh phooey. That made me tear up. But it's all true. I can feel your heart a thousand miles away, and am ever thankful you have touched my life.

  2. Sweet write up! That was a great glimpse at more of who you are Holly... Wow! Now I'm even more grateful to be on your 'friends' list and thankful to have found your blog!
    Keep the love flowin...
    Your new myspace pal,
    Anne Anderson

  3. Holly, you inspire me.
    Just wanted you to know that. :-)

  4. Molly's post was lovely, Holly. I'm glad it came at just the right time for you!