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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Getting Serious about the Golden Coffee Cup

Nanu, nanu, friends. The time has come to nail my goal to the wall:

25,000 words on CREED or a first draft, whichever comes first.

Molly Blaisdell is cracking the whip, a slightly less painful lash than that master of novel masochism, Chris Baty of NANOWRIMO, and for me, slightly more serious. This is no game. I have a deadline, people. NO PLANS for Thanksgiving. Don't invite me, because I will say NO. (Don't tempt me, because NO is not something I do easily or well.)

The other half of the Golden Coffee Cup is taking a vacation...a blog vacation. I am grateful to Sara Zarr, who, at the kidlit conference, gave everyone permission to take one. If I win a cup of coffee, I will raise my steamy mug to you, Sara.

Except for hosting Poetry Friday on the 21st and the occasional readergirlz tidbit or Golden Coffee Cup update, I'll see you all in December with a hundred pages in hand. Wish me luck!

Write long and progress.


  1. Good luck, Holly!

  2. Holy Snapping, that's dedication!!!!! Major Kudos!


    :) Molly Blaisdell

  3. Go for it! And good luck from me too! It was great meeting you on myspace... love your website and blog! I will be adding it to my faves! I missed the deadline for the Golden Coffee Cup challenge, but am inspired now to make a goal for myself too! Thanks for the inspiration, Holly

  4. Veryawesome,Holly. I think I might have to do this for Nanowrimo.

  5. Rock the writing! You can do it!

    Yay for Poetry Friday. Oh my goodness, that's going to be opening night! (We have a preview the night before...)