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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cracking the whip with cherry caramels

Here we are at Day 18 of the crazed November writing/illstrating goals. I don't know about you, but I'm waaaay behind on my outrageous Golden Coffee Cup goal.

So in a wild bid toward completion, I had my most productive day ever yesterday: 5,000 words (pant, pant). Not sure I can maintain this, but my plan is to do it again today so that I can be fully caught up (did I mention I hate first drafts??). Here's my strategy:

The egg-timer: This is a new/old strategy - when I think about writing 5,000 words, it makes me think of choking first and then fleeing in self-preservation. If I set the timer for 15 minutes with a goal of 300 words, I usually hit 400 or more. Four of those in an hour and I've got 1500+ words to work with.

Rewards: Apparently, I like them. Yesterday's rewards:
1K: one cherry caramel + blog comment
2K: open my purchase from the CocoaStomp Shoppe (monster cards!) + blog comment
3K: open the mysterious package from Hyperion/Jump at the Sun (The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez - oooh!) - + blog comment
4K: try out Vista's moviemaker and see if it's as crappy as XP's (jury is still out) + blog comment
5K: pre-post a blog (yay!) + blog comments ad infinitum

Whatever can I use to light the fire today? More cherry caramels? Only time will tell - in fifteen minute segments, starting...now.

Another idea that has captured my imagination and fueled the fire of my goal-reaching is an upcoming party to celebrate the Golden Coffee Cup, NANOWRIMO, and any other writing or illustration goals made and/or accomplished during the month of November, kind of like kidlit drink night except more like NANO-Cup-O-Cake-A-Drink-Lit Night on November 30th.

Stay tuned for details!


  1. OMG! You totally know how to hook me in. You said you were cracking the whip and you're doing it big time. So now I will be like, if Holly's going for it, I can go for it. Here I thought my 3000 words yesterday was pretty dang good. *sigh*
    Crack away...I want to play.

  2. I love the egg timer idea. I'm way behind too. Maybe I'll try this with drawing.

  3. This game's fun! I'm at 2000. Keep checking in, it's motivating. Phew...back to it!

  4. All right, I'm at the 3K check-in! It's getting harder. The middle is tricky, and so far, quite boring. That can be fixed later, right?

  5. 4K down...and 5K here I come. I think I'm starting to get arm and finger fatigue from the furious typing. I may need a very naughty cookie to get me through this last thousand.

    Seems we are on about the same pace.

    Go, Holly, Go!

  6. Phew. What a ride, Holly! I can't believe you did that two days in a row. Impressive, girl! Honestly, don't know if I could.

    Thanks for cracking the whip, and I think I'm going to have to find out about these cherry caramels!