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Monday, November 03, 2008

Blog the Vote: Why Bother?

I, along with most of the people reading this, have had the priviledge of being born into a life of relative prosperity, security, and freedom. I've fought for causes, but never survival. An earthquake in Pakistan or a tsunami in Southeast Asia affects me less than my computer crashing as I typed this sentence.

So why bother voting? What's the worst that could happen if I don't?

My great grandmothers would slap me silly for even asking, since they didn't have the right. So would civil rights fighters. Apartheid victims. My friend's grandmother, who survived the holocaust. People around the world who dare to dream about what you and I take for granted every day.

We have a responsibility to research and form our convictions. Vote our consciences. Not let government happen while we look the other way. I have only to remember my friend's grandmother to remind me of that.

Here's a terrific video, found by Little Willow, on taking our daughters to the polls. Mine is three. I agree: it isn't too early to start teaching her to value freedom. And in fifteen years when she has the right to vote, I hope she won't take it for granted. I hope I never do.

For more people blogging the vote in thoughtful, passionate, non-partisan ways, see the compilation at Chasing Ray, put together by the incomparable Colleen Mondor, Lee Wind, and Gregory K. Thanks to aquafortis for the awesome graphic!


  1. GREAT post, Holly. Hugs to the munchkin!

  2. I voted by absentee ballot this time, but I'm thinking that in the next election I should consider voting in person just so that my daughter will be able to experience it too. (She'll be 9 by the next general election, which just blows my mind.)