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Monday, November 24, 2008

Anyone in for Maniacal Monday?

I realized my math was waaaay off - since when is Thanksgiving the last week of November? Anyways, that means I have three fewer writing days...ouch.

So my goal for today will be another 5,000 words, and - if I can take it to the next level - add an extra thousand. Eeek! Anyone in for a day of mutual whip-cracking?

If you didn't see the weekend post, here's the big news: we're having a Seattle Kidlit Drink Night! November 30th at Broadway Grill in Seattle (on Broadway in Capitol Hill, across from the QFC – 328-7000) at 5:30pm. Cash bar. Molly will be giving out the Golden Coffee Cup awards.

Street parking is available, or you can park at QFC for a small parking fee (or get your ticket validated by making a purchase).


  1. Wake up! Wake up! It's Monday morning and time for the big challenge. It's going to be a good day today :) Let's go girls!

  2. My fingers will start flying around noon. Weeeeee!

  3. Ok, I'm off with a resounding 269 words!

    I hit plot point 1 last week, and am screaming toward the midpoint. A couple of scenes that I was dreading (mainly dialogue, which is the most difficult thing for me as a writer) ended up totally flowing and even being (dare I say it?) funny. Wow. Hopefully this will keep up!

    How is it going for you?

  4. I'm starting off with a major speed bump in my writerly road. I was supposed to have the afternoon to work, but now must pick up kiddos at noon, take them home, feed them food, and try and get the word count knocked out. But I'm going for it...

  5. I have to take a break to pick up my son now too. I'm ahead of you by 3 hours on the east coast. It took me a while to get inspired this morning...and now that I'm on a roll and C's down for a nap, I must reluctantly take a break :(
    But I'll be back!

  6. I'm taking a break to make dinner. I'm at 2,387 words right now.

  7. Whoah, great job, everyone! I'm moving pretty sluggishly today - just shy of 2k, but I think I'm hitting my stride now. Lots of tweaking of earlier scenes, and figured out some key telling details. Things are moving forward! I hereby crack the licorice whip.

  8. I think licorice whip would be great to chew on right now. It's certainly been a Monday...I got through 1000 before grabbing the kids at school...then off to make lunch...then school conferences. I need more minutes in this day. If the challenge wasn't here for me, I probably wouldn't try for even one more word, but I will! Here I go...

  9. I'm done! 5,147 words!

    Thanks for getting me on track!

  10. Awesome, Vivian and Jolie and everyone! You are keeping me on track, too - though I still have 700 words to reach my goal - 35,000 total on my WIP. About to put you know who to bed...

    You're all invited to come back tomorrow for another 5K day! I plan to keep it up, at least for the first couple of weeks in December until holiday craziness will finally catch up with me. My writing days are M-T-Th. Hope to see you for more mutual motivation (and also alliteration)...

  11. I didn't finish...the paint didn't dry fast enough and then I fell asleep trying to put little C to sleep...I accidentally rocked myself to sleep too :0
    So, I'm in for today (Tuesday). I really need to finish this piece for the Holiday art show.
    Crack that licorice whip!
    I'm sure you're all still asleep...