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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Senior Moment

Quelle new form of blog torture is this?? Oh, I see, the Disco Mermaids are unearthing the skeletons of the past just in time for Halloween. Well, here it is:

I vividly remember the daily challenge of getting each section of hair properly curled, splayed, and shellacked into place - believe it or not, this was only a year before I cut my hair into a straight bob and dyed it burgundy (hairspray rebellion, I think).

Fun meme! Thanks, Jay.


  1. Too fun. I love it. I have to say this photo is all about the hair. (Maybe all of ours are?) But yours is like fluffy cotton candy. It held and hid the hairspray just right. Just think of all the chemicals we inhaled as we sprayed away.

  2. I think you look exactly the same as you do know, only now you have...well...less poofy hair. ;)

  3. Great picture! I definitely think your hair has improved with age. :)