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Friday, October 24, 2008

Poetry Friday: Princess Pia (an original poem)

Here is one of my early attempts at kidlit that quite likely will never see the light of publishing other than on this blog, but maybe just right for the season...enjoy!

Princess Pia

There was a little princess who had a secret dream.
Confiding in her diary, she devised the perfect scheme.
The princess made arrangements with the Royal Wetland Freight.
Each morning at the castle gate, there came another crate.
She’d wait each day upon the stair for crate delivery hour,
Then steal away up to her room atop the eastern tower.
That Pia had a secret, all the lords and ladies knew,
But what the crates could have inside, they didn’t have a clue!
When she was sure the coast was clear, she battened every hatch.
The princess heaved a dainty sigh and opened up the latch.
A dozen pairs of beady eyes stared, blinking, from the load.
Attached to every pair of eyes was one astonished toad!
“According to my princess friends, just one of you could be
A handsome prince from far away who’s waiting there for me!
And that’s an opportunity I wouldn’t want to miss.”
So she would place upon each face a hopeful little kiss.
She’d smooched at least a hundred frogs, but Pia didn’t mind.
She shrugged and told her diary, “A good frog is hard to find.”

Copyright Holly Cupala. All Rights Reserved.


  1. That's so sweet and so FUNNY! I'm so glad you decided to post it here... :)

  2. Erin showed to your poem. I think it should be a picture book and you should continue drawing pictures :-)

    Congratulations on your book deal - soon to be published author!

  3. I love this! LOVE! May I link to it within my Fairy Tale Retold booklist? Email me and let me know. (...and if I should link directly to this post here, or if you have it/plan to have it archived elsewhere.)