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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nancy and the princesses

To celebrate the sale of A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT, my writing group bestowed The Nancy, our version of a book Oscar - yay!!!

My 3 year-old daughter came with me to the meeting yesterday, and here's what happened when The Nancy came into our (well, let's be real about this, her) possession:

Folks, I tried, I really tried, to ban the princesses from crossing our humble threshhold, but you can see how far I got with that. Only the power of The Nancy's patented shushing action could shush these sparkly happy people.


  1. She can make them read those books at least. :)

  2. I think Nancy & Belle would get along quite well.

    Adorable, btw.

  3. Nancy fits in beautifully. Just one more princess in the mix!

  4. Belle is my fave (shhh, don't tell anyone - it will ruin my gritty image).

  5. Nancy looks great here!! She'll have fun hanging out with these princesses.

    P.S. I enjoyed playing with the all these princesses during the Diviners meeting.