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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Art and desire

Getting back to work on my second novel (code name Creed) has been more difficult than I anticipated. There have been websites to update, readergirlz designs and upcoming cool, secret things(!), little ones to send back to preschool, emails to answer...blogs to check...procrastination to accomplish...

Ahem. So to get my brain into thinking about Creed, I have begun work on a collage painting.

This is a bit momentous for me, because I haven't actually made art for four years. Yes, four years. Those of you who know me as an artist might be shocked. But the last piece of art I did was in memory of our little daughter, Ezri.

It's time to change that. Last night, three year-old daughter Lyra and I cut up little fabric squares and tore paper (Paradise Lost and Isaiah, for the curious) to lay down the foundations of our painting. It was fun. It was liberating.

I dreamed about the finished product last night, which will involve birds. Because birds are important to Creed in many ways, as is the idea of losing something in order to gain something else. Most importantly, there are the many layers we use to protect ourselves from each other, and those we need to peel away to find what we truly desire.


  1. I am so very lucky to have the chance to know you as a person and a friend. I wish you were closer so that I could spend more time with you because as different as we may appear in external aesthetics and mannerisms, you always seem to cut to the core of what I am thinking in private.

    I can't wait to get my hands on your book(s) - they are bound to be exactly what I am looking for at that very moment. I also have a few collages here (not that I have made, however) that are set on a background of vintage novel pages, and I have to agree that it really adds something special to the competition. Keep up the creativity!

  2. It would help if I had said "composition" instead of "competition." This is what I get for posting after a work + school day!