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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

SOLD! Oh yeah, and the SCBWI Conference!

(I can't wait until Monday to blog about this...what was I thinking??)

So the news is, I SOLD MY BOOK!!!! Two books, even!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the official word:

Debut novelist, Holly Cupala’s tentatively titled, A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT, about seventeen-year-old Miranda’s unexpected pregnancy and her gripping journey to navigate the labyrinth of her bad-girl sister Xanda’s life, unravel the mystery of her death, and free herself in the process, to Catherine Onder at HarperCollins, in a pre-empt, by Edward Necarsulmer IV at McIntosh & Otis. (NA excluding China)

The call came about 10 minutes before we had to run out the door to the airport to the SCBWI conference in Los Angeles (wow, I never realized the city actually sparkles...is it just me?).

My agent, who had me at "wow" and has consistently blown me away with his awesomeness, had been in negotiations all week. Up until Thursday morning, all I was allowed to do if someone asked (since, er, I've never been terribly good at keeping my own secrets) was to smile and say, "There are things in the works." Uh huh, yeah. (Those of you who know me can stop rolling on the floor laughing now.)

And then, there it was. A two-book pre-empt offer. And I couldn't refuse because...well...it's Catherine Onder, editor of one of my very favorite recent books (rgz diva Justina Chen Headley said, "It's your snow book editor! Tell me you got your snow book editor!"), The White Darkness, winner of the 2008 Printz Award. I am in awe.

Then there was the issue of the title, Brimstone Soup, which is really cool but didn't actually say anything about the book. So I came up with a new one and pitched it to Edward, who said, "That sounds so Morrissey," and I said, "There is a light that never goes out," (a Smiths song) and we both went, "-gasp-" and suddenly, there we had it:


I hope we get to keep it because it is so, so perfect on so many levels. Here's a vid of it:

Oh, and then at the conference, there were all kinds of incredible people and friends and pink cosmos and craziness, all coated with that aforementioned state of glitteriness. I think I'll blog about it Monday, after I get back from the Dude Ranch Family Reunion.

All I have to say is, YEEEEEEEHAAAAAW!!!


  1. I absolutely love the new title.


    - Jay Asher

    P.S. Great seeing you in the sparkly city.

  2. A light that never goes out. Lovely.

    I'm so happy for you! Congratulations,

    Enjoy every moment, rejoice!


  3. I saw the title of your post from YA Fresh and had to wish you major congrats!!!! How exciting!!

  4. I have tears of joy for you Holly, absolute lump in my throat so proud of you knew you’d always do it pride!

  5. I am SO happy and SO excited for you, all I can do is sit here looking at this post and GRIN. :D

  6. This calls for a major Happy Dance! I am thrilled for you! The new title gave me chills--it is fantastic.

  7. OH MY GOD THAT IS FANTASTIC NEWS!!! YAY!!! Laini and I practically jumped up and down when we read your e-mail!!!! Oh Holly that is SOOO GREAT!!! A HUGE congrats to you for your success AND all of your hard work!!

    Jim (& Laini too!)

  8. Holllllly!

    I'm so pleased for you! Enjoy this special moment. xox

  9. Yay, yay, YAY! I'm so happy for you, Holly! Congratulations!!!

    Best wishes,

  10. Picture small, dancing rodents: Conga-rats!

    I like the title. It has a lot of hope, which I love.

    Congratulations again! I get to OFFICIALLY add you to my Books to Read forthcoming releases list now. :) :)

  11. Oh my goodness! I am so excited. Great title (it helps that I've loved that song forever!). Congratulations!

  12. This is Stupendeous News!!!! I'm jumping up and down for you, Holly!!
    AND since I have the privilege of being in your critique group -- I happen to know how beautiful your novel is! You deserve this amazing deal and you'll have Many Many readers, Holly.



  13. Waaaahoooozie! So proud of you, girl. Love the new title, hope it sticks. Oh, I'm so excited!

  14. And strangely . . . you seemed to be sparkling all weekend . . . and floating several feet off the ground.

    It was great meeting you and CONGRATULATIONS!

  15. Holly, this is FANTASTIC news!! I am so happy for you and I can't WAIT to read your book(s)! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! What a fabulous conference experience this must have been for you, with your good news. You must have been floating about 6 inches off the floor the whole time -- wish we'd been there to celebrate with you!!


  16. Oh HELL YEAH! Congrats, Holly. You are such a rad chick and Edward is a rockstar agent. Deadly combo.

    Smiths song for a title... love it. Instant vibe.

    Can not wait to see how you kick ass, girl.


  17. Love it, Holly! Congratulations!

  18. Congratulations, Holly!!!!

  19. May I just echo your "YEEEEEEEHAAAAAW!!!"

    Yay, Holly!

  20. Wonderful news! I'm soooo excited for you.

  21. Yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay!

  22. Woo-Hoo for Holly! (Times two...)

  23. SHABASH!

    (with means Excellent in Hindi!)

    Can't wait to read them!

    Love and hugs,


  24. Yay, Holly! Huge congratulations!! And I'm a White Darkness fan, too!

    Can't wait to read your book!

  25. welcome to harpercollins! i'm with greenwillow books and LOVE it. so so thrilled for you! your hub sent you flowers, no?? revel in it and many congratulations! ! ! ! !!!!! =D the title is awesome!

  26. Yay! Yay! Yay! Congrats again Holly!

  27. Thank you, thank you, and more thank yous to all who have come by to read and post comments. I feel like I'm surrounded by the most marvelous treasures in the universe - books and friends!

  28. Holly, I saw the announcement in the Chinook update - YAYYYYYYYYYY For YOU!

    Awesome news. I can't wait to read your book. I feel so happy for you. I love the title.

    Kjersten Hayes

  29. That is AWESOME news! Funny thing - my husband and I have an unpublished PB with the same title (so obviously I love it!) and HE just got a two book PB deal with Harper Collins to illustrate (we are SCBWI members too). I will keep you and your book on my radar!