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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Em Dickenson, like you've never seen her (aka Miss Erin comes to town!)

The lovely Miss Erin, one of our esteemed postergirlz for readergirlz, came to town last week for her eighteenth birthday extravaganza!! First stop, the (now infamous) Shannon Hale/Libba Bray tour stop at All for Kids, where they entertained us with goofy stories, a mile of laminated rejections, and ultimately a Total Eclipse of the Heart:

(See Miss Erin's blog for a complete account of their hilarity.)

Next came a party where Miss Erin entertained us with a serenade from Wicked and fed us wheat-free cake (yay!). Left to right, Emily G., Miss Erin, readergirlz divas Lorie Ann Grover, Janet Lee Carey, and Dia Calhoun, me, postergirl Jackie Parker, and Ellen G.:

Then she had us play a kind of pictionary-meets-telephone game. My phrase was from Emily Dickenson, "I'll tell you how the sun rose, a ribbon at a time." Here's what happened to that hallowed poem in the hands of these smiling faces...

(My personal favorite):

Twisted souls, you know who you are...