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Monday, August 20, 2007

Seattleites: Freezepop in town!!!


You've heard them in FreQuency, Amplitude, Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Flash Flash Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution series, and my MySpace page...

You've seen them on MySpace, YouTube, and Freezepop.com...

Now they're coming to Seattle's Chop Suey and the Penny Arcade Expo!

Freezepop, Boston-based purveyors of fine electropop courtesy of Sean, Liz, and The Duke...

...will be at Chop Suey on Thursday the 23rd, 10pm, 18+ show (click on link for map & directions) and at PAX on Friday at 8pm at the Washington State Convention Center, all ages (I think, check PAX website for tix and details).

We're not just rabid fans...we're friends, too. The Duke was our best man (but I won't post a pic, to protect the innocent).

Hope to see you!


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