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Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday I'm in Love

...but not with technology.

I crashed my website! Ack! Saturday...wait. Maybe I can figure out how to fix it.
I was trying to upload pics of my lil' girl for her grandparents. Here she is, helping me write BRIMSTONE SOUP:

In other news, it's full steam ahead on CREED, meaning (ahem) I'm catching up on my 100 words/100 days. Right now my debt is less than 1K words - no problem. After all, I've got the entire story in my head. Details, details. Those are what kill me. But now that I've got the problem of where to start out of my way (at least for now), the keys are flying.
Reading and stuff:
Finished Sarah Beth Durst's Into the Wild (oops, almost typed Into the Woods of Broadway fame) - and speaking of which...we've seen a ton of productions of children's books at the Seattle Children's Theatre, and I absolutely think Sarah's book would make an awesome stage production. Come to think of it, I've got children's theatre connections...will have to go pick some people's brains... Anyways, it's a great book!
Am woefully behind on Readergirlz (I'm trying to catch up with Holly Black's Tithe right now...oooh, creepy). And then there's Faeries of Dreamdark, which is off to a whirlwind start, though both were put on hold for - yes, I, too, was helpless to resist - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. No spoilers here. I will just say that for about 300 pages, I was bored to tears (sorry), and for the remainder I was hooked like a fish. I don't know if anybody has been talking about this, but there was this huge, revelatory parallel between Harry's heroism and...oh yeah, no spoilers. But I got chills. My 10th grade English teacher (who, incidentally, was big on Christ figures in lit) would have been proud of my analogy.
So it's back to CREED now, while the iron is hot and I have run out of distractions (for now).

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful. Good luck with the writing!