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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Freezepop Redux

Friday night, husband and I headed to the Penny Arcade Expo, a gravity convergence of gaming folks from all over the map - Warcraft meets tabletop RPG meets Dance Dance Revolution meets Zelda meets...whoah, stuff I've never heard of (and I'm a little bit of a closet gamer geek, I confess - yea, Heroes of Might and Magic!!).

(Right: FEED is not the future...it is now...)

I tried to channel my inner rock star/Shomi girl for the evening (sadly, none of our phone pics came out, but I was wearing my cool rock star stripey thigh-highs from Sock Dreams).

We came as FOFs - Friends of Freezepop. It was fun to chat with FOF Dr. Nick, who teaches English and Sci Fi at UNCW and whose wife is also a kidlit scholar. We missed The Duke, who had to stay in Boston to work on the next Harmonix game, but the very talented Boy in Static was there to fill in.

When we got to the Freezepop booth, I had to do a double-take - they were right next to Wil Wheaton! No way!!!

Funny, he looks so different in person. Bye bye, Wesley Crusher, he's all grown up.

Freezepop was third on the concert roster, and it was clear, by the nearly 6,000 people who had gathered, that Freezepop was the main event!

People were going crazy out there. We snuck out into the mosh pit for some live footage of Stakeout (not sure if this will work, it's my first attempt uploading phone vid to a blog):

And here is the view from backstage (The Final Countdown...yeah):

It was incredible, from seeing our friends to Wil Wheaton (who, apparently is also an author), to watching this dude DDR the hardest song on expert level on not one but two dance pads, to overlooking a tabletop RPG game (oh, the memories...), to the interdit 9pm latte, to hanging out in the official rock star trailer (kind of like a regular trailer but with rock star mojo and free cookies), to walking through a surreal lobby of gamers on bean bags and tiny 3x5 gaming screens where you could have run naked through there and not one single person would have noticed. Wow. Crazy.

And I realized, I have got to have a game girl in a book someday, because it was totally weird, totally exhilirating, and totally awesome to be there, as a FOF and a former (and sort of really still current) game girl geek. Yeah.

1 comment:

  1. I wanna be an FOF! Sounds like you had a great time.