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Friday, August 17, 2007

Characters and Personality

When my best friends and I were in high school (heck, we still do this now), we were obsessed with personality tests. Meyers-Briggs, learnings styles, communication, sun signs, and the mother of personality tests, the Personality Self Portrait, which contained 14 different major personality styles - and even better, the personality disorders that went along with them...Passive-Agressive, Co-Dependent, Obsessive Compulsive, Antisocial...all kinds of disorders with which to classify life's heroes and villains - and now, fiction's.

So all this is to say that thanks to Faith, I discovered the awesome MyPersonality.info site. Here's my profile:

Click to view my Personality Profile page

The fun part is going to be taking the tests for my characters. I already have a pretty clear picture of several of them, but hopefully this will help me get into them on a granular level. Advisor Team also has some really awesome descriptions of the 16 different Meyers-Briggs/Kiersey profiles (ENFP, ISTJ, etc.) and some general characteristics.

Practically speaking, in fleshing out the "love interest" (oooh) of CREED, he kept steering me toward a particular set of characteristics (which in turn threw me a couple of cool plot curveballs), and I wondered, do I actually know someone like this? Turns out I do, which is even more helpful - seeing how someone with some general characteristics might react to particular situations (and now I maybe even have a "character consultant," which would be cool!).

See, I'm still obsessed with this stuff. ;)

Thanks, Faith!


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