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Saturday, May 12, 2007

A whole book

After a year of scribbling...a year of weekly writing...a few months of working like my hair was on fire...

Brimstone Soup is finished!

Or at least, on to the next stage.

But it's a book! And it could be a boring, melodramatic, dreadful book, but you can read it from page 1 to page 289, and it makes sense!

Life in these last few weeks has been sort of like a sci-fi movie, complete with planets colliding. In my case, the planets were my deadline (for people who actually want to see it!) and our child's second birthday party (sniff). The collision course turned out to be a good thing, though. Family took care of the little one while I worked, and there were cupcakes all around.

After it was all over and the FedEx box was gone, I didn't quite know what to do with myself. So I caught up on conference thank-yous and took a nap. What a treat! Almost as good as another cupcake.

Wish my box o' book luck!


  1. Congratulations, Holly! And good luck!!!

  2. Eeeeee!!!!
    I'm so proud of you!
    Sending your box lots of good editorial approval vibes.

  3. Congratulations! What a tremendous feeling!