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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Get the Inside Story

Thursday night, a group of Seattle-area children's authors and illustrators got together for a sparkling night of celebrating their new spring releases, including friend Janet Lee Carey's absolutely fabulous Dragon's Keep (#7 on the Children's Booksense list - go, Janet!!), Laini Taylor's much anticipated Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer (of which Betsy Bird of Fuse #8 said, "If you read only one fantasy book this year, read this one"), and our own Class of 2k7 contingency, Joni Sensel's Reality Leak, among many others, hosted by the talented and funny illustrator, Jaime Temairik, whose graphic article you may have seen in the most recent issue of the SCBWI Bulletin.

Authors shared "juicy tidbits" about their books to local press and children's book mavens (Janet even showed off my claw!), and I came home with two free books! Yippee! And they happened to be two I'm dying to read - advance reader copies of Faeries of Dreamdark...and...drumroll...Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher! Exciting. All I had to do was answer a children's book trivia question (what was the name of Stanley Yelnats' camp?). Piece o' cupcake.

So right now, as my novel ideas simmer and I sip hot chocolate, I'm digging into my two new books. So far, fantastic!


  1. Hi Holly! It was great to see you the other day! I can't wait to hear news on your manuscript. I'm thinking good thoughts for you. AND -- I need to email you. I have major India-travel-cravings. Actually had a MAD notion a few days ago of planning a whim trip for next month. Totally crazy! But I still need to pick your brain!

  2. Hey Holly!

    I'm glad you had a blast on Saturday...I really really need to join SCBWI, but I am so damn lazy.

    The Asher book sounds so incredible...and *real*. I want to write something dark and true like that eventually :)