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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A new project? Yes, yes, yes!

My critique group made me promise not to obsess about Brimstone Soup - I'm not even allowed to peek while it's out in agent-land, since they all know I will pick through everything possible and beat myself with the big stinky stick of unworthiness.

There must be something fun about it, though, right? Otherwise we wouldn't do it...? Or more likely, we reject ourselves before someone else can - like that poor guy on the cell phone commercial talking to the girl after the date, and her response blanks out and he starts talking about how he kissed her like a brother. So true - that's why it makes me cringe for him every time.

Sooooo...time to start a new project!

I mentioned a second book a while back...the one with a code name. I'm thinking a lot about that, when I'm not thinking about Brimstone. It's tough to live with characters for a couple of years and just blot them out of your mind, but fortunately the new project has already begun formulating.

Then there are a few short stories knocking around in there, two of them on the sci-fi side. I wish I were more of a science smarty-pants, but for those kind of questions (inevitably there are - BS has hundreds of sci-fi references), I turn to my rocket scientist pals. For the new novel, though...it's going to be a bit different.

Exciting! Time to start making notes.

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